Monday, November 19, 2012

Columbus Foodies

Hey everybody! So I'm not really sure if anybody reading this is from the Columbus area in Ohio, but I just HAVE to rant about a place that I recently went to for sushi.

First and foremost, I am really big on food. I freakin love it. Especially in the form of sushi and desserts; bring em to momma. So literally anytime that any of you want to share all of your super yummy favorite restaurants, pretty please I will listen!! I am all about food, and I will travel for good food so do not hesitate to share if you are from New Mexico or Ohio or anywhere in between!

Now back to my rant. I ate at this place in downtown Columbus called Red Bar and Sushi. First of all, there are like 2 or 3 different restaurants in the same block and they are apparently owned by the same person, which was suuuper confusing. I only went because I had a Groupon for one, which was closed but the other side took it as well? I don't know. Anyway, the food. It was overpriced for the small amount that was put on your plate. Now, I have been to plenty of restaurants that charge hella cash for a tiny bit of GOOD food. Keyword: good. This sushi was not good, and I am not saying that just because it was overpriced, but it just was not up to par. I ordered the Alaska Roll (a personal favorite) and the salmon that I did see was gray and fatty. I also had the Spider Roll, which is normally served as a warm 6 or 8 piece roll, at Red served as a cold 4 piece roll, filled with mainly mixed greens. As a main course my friend ordered the Cajun Pasta, which had not only no flavor, but barely any seafood! The garlic bread served alongside his dish also resembled that of a few hockey pucks. We had higher hopes for this restaurant because it is located in such a great area of Columbus, but we were sadly let down. If you find yourself wanting food while near Red in Columbus, keep moving. There are plenty of other great restaurants in the area that will be worth your time!

Happy eating :)

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